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Fee Schedule Increases for Non-Covered Medicare Services and Self Pay Patients

Dear Patients,

After holding our fees for the past three decades and with the rising cost of services throughout the country, we have decided to increase our rates for non-covered benefits for Medicare as well as the rates for self pay patients. These rates will take effect October 1st of 2021. The new fee schedule for those rates is listed below:

Consultation/Examination Fee for Medicare and Self Pay Patients: $90

Treatment Fee for Established Self Pay Patients: $45 per visit

Modalities* for Medicare and Self Pay Patients: $10 per visit

*Modalities include: electrical stimulation, hot/cold packs, and ultrasound treatment

For those patients that wish to continue treatment, but the fee increases are not feasible with your budget, please let your treatment provider know. We would like to work with you to set forth a plan so you can continue receiving treatment. If you have any questions or concerns, please call our office at (585) 426-1576. Thank you.

Melanie Mancuso, Office Manager

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